Clipper Founder Michael Nakan quoted in China Daily

Co-founder of Clipper Media, Michael Nakan, was interviewed for a China Daily article on the increasing popularity of Chinese TV series overseas.

China Daily is an official publication of the Chinese government and has the widest readership of any English language newspaper in China. It has a total daily circulation of over 800,000 copies in China and overseas. Its digital edition has over 30 million daily page views.

In the article, Nakan sounds a note of caution about the prospects of Chinese TV series in the international market, particularly for certain genres:

"Comedy is something of a write-off", Nakan is quoted as saying, "It rarely travels beyond its home territory. For example, it's hard to find French comedy which appeals to a British audience.

"Also, the number of episodes is a key sticking point", he continues, "Most British series are only six episodes, and even American dramas are getting shorter. So, with many Chinese historical dramas still being produced in tranches of 30-plus episodes, it will become increasingly difficult for Western audiences to engage with them."

The full article can be read here.

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