MICHAEL NAKAN was formerly Creative Executive at Joe Wright's Shoebox Films, building the TV slate of the award-winning film company by sourcing material, working with high-end writers and generating ideas. Prior to Shoebox, he worked alongside showrunner Beau Willimon on Netflix’s House of Cards. He then moved to HBO in New York, working on marketing/distribution campaigns for hit shows like Game of Thrones, and subsequently for NBCUniversal’s International Studios in London. He began his career with Hollywood stints at 20th Century Fox, ICM Partners and Scott Rudin Productions. He was named a British Export Champion by the Department of International Trade in 2020.

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JAKE ALEXANDER spent a number of years at the coalface of China's booming film industry, most recently working at PRC film finance/production/distribution company Bliss Media. There he helped to acquire Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge for the Chinese market, which went on to become the most successful WWII film of all time in the country's box office, and helped to direct investment of the in-house film fund into both domestic and overseas pictures — among them Pablo Larraín's  Oscar-nominated Jackie, starring Natalie Portman. 

LIPING PAN is a bilingual producer with over 10 years of experience. She formerly worked for 8 years as a Producer/Director at CCTV (China's state broadcaster) and BTV (one of China's leading networks) and holds a Masters Degree in film and television from the University of Bristol.